Clearbrook Village Apartments
Memphis, TN

Clearbrook Village Apartments

Clearbrook Village Apartments is a great place to call home. Greyson has put over $12k a unit in value-add upgrades and also a considerable amount to the Cap Ex as there was a lot of deferred maintenance. We have come a long way with this property by more than doubling the NOI and are gearing up for a Refinance in 2020.

Major improvements: State of the art Security system, Gates have been replaced and are fully functional as they were not before our purchase, painted the outside to give it a revitalized modern look, trimmed/cut back all over grown trees and landscaping giving a fresh look to the outside, added playground and grill areas for the tenants, finally got the pool area all cleaned up and functional as this was in bad shape when we purchased, we installed a multi-colored LED pool light that makes the middle of the community look awesome at night.

Now are continuing to work on full interior renovations. We are currently ahead of schedule and under budget on this project.

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Memphis, TN
Clearbrook Village Apartments
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  • 3516 Tall Oaks Cir
    Memphis, TN
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